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Mark your Calendar

Each year, our Directors & Staff organize and plan events that bring us closer together as a subdivision community. We are here to update you on all of our upcoming events as well as on new plans within the surrounding area.


If you have any further questions or would like to make a suggestion, please contact one of our board members.

Annual Subdivision Meeting

Franklin High School Library

Friday, June 3rd 7 - 8 PM

Annual Halloween Trick-Or-Treat



Halloween is approaching.  It comes stealthily as the trees release their vividly colored leaves to the ground.  It creeps nearer and nearer as the squirrels, rabbits, fox, owls and deer make their preparations for the upcoming stark change in weather.  Halloween overtakes us as the moon prepares for its rise as a Blue Moon being the second one in the same month.  We think we are ready....


As Halloween gets nearer and nearer, a distinct chill settles in during the nights.  Whispers travel on the wind and goblins start to rise in the woods.  The curtain between our reality and the other side begins to thin giving sometimes rare escape routes to creatures better left bound in their darkness.  Walking along at night can morph into an unexpected frightening escapade as tiny hairs rise on the back of your neck.  Footsteps and unidentified noises come from behind and you suddenly pick up your pace in an effort to reach your own doorstep and the safety of your home. Your subconscious is on the alert and recognizes the subtle signs of danger.

Once again, on Saturday, October 29th, our Halloween Trick or Treat will be held.  This year, it will commence at 6 PM and end promptly at 8 PM.  The spirits of the event will be out in force and all participants must be wary lest they catch the attention of the dark forces at work that evening.  We want everyone safe at home that night following the end of the event!



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